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R3 is one of Canada’s largest deconstruction, demolition and abatement contractors. With the capacity and infrastructure to mobilize quickly, we are proud to serve clients across Western Canada and Northwest Territories.

& Demolition
done differently.

R3 Deconstruction launched in 2009/2010 with the sole purpose to raise the bar on service, safety and sustainability in the demolition sector.


Relationships. Results. Reputation.

The development of our own benchmark standards and business perspective in the demolition and deconstruction space means we are able to align decisions made in the boardroom with our work in the field.

R3 changed the landscape of the industry by doing a simple thing: focusing on meaningful, long-term employment for its people. We are built to last because of our investment in relationships, training, people and process.

We are dedicated to ingenuity in all aspects of our business. Integration of the latest technologies allows us scalability and the ability to pivot quickly, in resource allocation and project scope, to meet the needs of our clients.


We are devoted to the three pillars on which we are built: Relationships. Results. Reputation.

We exercise innovation in our process, allocate the right resources and trained expertise to achieve best outcome on every project we touch.