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Structural Demolition with geographic reach

From the start, we believed the mindset around bringing down a building could be different. Our Structural Demolition projects are about assembling a collaborative team, consistent communication, environmental stewardship, and public and team safety.

Whether it is flagging the stuff we can repurpose, executing dust suppression, or scaling up resources to stay on a project’s schedule, our detailed systems and processes allow us to stick to timelines and budget, as well as mobilize on large projects anywhere across Western Canada and NWT.


Structural Demolition Matters

Reduce & Recycle

Our pact with the planet from the beginning has been to keep as much as possible out of landfills. Sorting, reusing and recycling is built into our systems and processes and is an important part of our promise.

Skilled, Certified Professionals

Our people are everything. We couldn’t do what we do without them. They are the knowledge, skill and experience in the office that makes the work we do at R3 a success.

R3 Excellence

Business acumen and excellence—it’s our promise. We are the professional, reliable, responsible approach to Structural Demolition.