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Selective Deconstruction done differently

Since 2009, R3 has been setting a new standard in Selective Deconstruction services. Innovation in this industry is about process—monitoring and measuring outcomes of projects, improving systems, rising to meet all challenges, and finding solutions to stay on schedule.

Our partners and clients count on us to set the pace of their project from day one. We put a fresh lens on every project, paying attention to every detail, and allocate our expertise and resources in the best way to serve a project and stick to your budget.


Selective Deconstruction Matters

Allocating resources and expertise to reach best outcomes in Selective Deconstruction

Reduce & Recycle

Our pact with the planet from the beginning has been to keep as much as possible out of landfills. Sorting, reusing and recycling is built into our systems and processes and is an important part of our promise.

Certified, Skilled Professionals

Whether our crew is on-site supervising or assessing prints from afar, everyone on our team understands the big picture and has their sights set on every detail it takes to achieve the best outcomes. The planning for us begins in the boardroom, not the parking lot.

R3 Excellence

Business acumen and excellence—it’s our promise. We are the professional, reliable, responsible approach to Selective Deconstruction.